Lilo and stitch season 2 episode 48

Wishywashy lilo learns a valuable lesson in being careful what you wish for when experiment 267 is activated. Kim possible voice of christy carlson romano travels to the island of kauai on a mission to help lilo save stitch from the evil. She has an older sister named nani lilo is voiced by daveigh chase in all but the 2005 sequel lilo and stitch 2. Jumba jookibas 625 other experimental creatures infesting hawaii. Jumba jookibas 625 other experimental creatures infesting. Season 3 cartoons full episodes english compilation 2015 description. Poxy lilo and stitch must get shrunk by one of jumbas machines and, along with the buggy, travel through pleakley to find experiment 222, wh. Lilo captures a buglike experiment for her bug city, but it has the ability to turn any living creature into a bug. The rambunctious human and alien duo must hunt down dr. Glitch jumba automates the house, but an experiment gets into the computer and the house goes crazy. When stitch tries to wake lilo up, she says, in her sleep, but we cant cross the river without pickles. Lilo and stitch phantasmo full episode video dailymotion.

However, they must act quickly, as their shrinking effect is only temporary, and pleakley is at risk of exploding if. Ace when jumba is in danger of losing his membership to e. Lilo and myrtle compete in a knowledge quiz for a chance to win a computer. Daveigh chase, tia carrere, chris sanders, david ogden. The movie left off, lilo and stitch are given the task of collecting the rest of jumbas missing experiments, changing them from bad to good and finding the one place where they truly belong. Shoe when bills go high lilo tries to earn money by mertles idea. Chaos ensues as slick, a fasttalking experiment who can sell anything to anyone, teams up with lilo and stitch to. Lilo and stitch the series season 2 episode 2 lilo. S air date production code 41 spike august 29, 2014 20140829 201 lilo wants to beat mertle at the ohana rama family trivia contest, but loses confidence when stitch is poked by an experiment whos venom makes people 99% goofy and 1% clever. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. But when experiment 262 is activated and according to.

Disneys stitch from lilo and stitch giant playdoh surprise egg opening. It premiered on september 20, 2003 on abc as part of abc kids, with a delayed premiere on disney channel on october 12, 2003. The series ended on july 29, 2006 after airing 65 episodes in two seasons. Lilo undergoes a complete image rehaul, including changing her name and giving up experiment hunting, in an attempt to win more friends. Season 2 spike the protective suit pleakley puts on to protect himself from experiment 319s spikes. The show also included crossovers with characters from four other disney animated shows. Stitch has a glitch lilo and stitch 2 stitch has a glitch 2005 1080p bluray x264psychd mkv snapshot 00 08 2014 10 11 01 44 46.

The faces everyone make in response especially nosy. Picking up where the 2002 walt disney movie hit left off, this animated series chronicles the further adventures of renegade scientist dr. The series season 2 episode 5 slick subscribe to for more. Evil genius organization he has to show the leader that his experiments are still evil. The movie left off, lilo and stitch are given the task of collecting the rest of jumbas missing experiments, changing them from bad to good and finding the. She, along with stitch, jumba, and pleakley, have been turned into bugs and must find their way back before its too late. With daveigh chase, chris sanders, david ogden stiers, kevin mcdonald.

The series, listed in order based on their original airdates. Stitch has a glitch in which she is voiced by dakota fanning lilo usually wears a muumuu of some description, all of which usually feature a leaf pattern design. Lilo and stitch must capture the experiment and remove it from within pleakley by shrinking to microscopic size. Meanwhile, gantu and 625 tricks angel into singing her siren song, and plan to use it to revert the experiments living on the island.

The series episodes note that stitch, experiment 626, appears in every episode, so he is not included in the experiments mentioned list. Lilo and stitch the series shush video dailymotion. After nosy tells lilo and stitch that the rest of experiments are on gantus ship, they plot a recon mission. Season 1, episode 7 october 18, 2003 nanis busy at work and needs lilo to stay out of trouble, which proves difficult after myrtle activates a black hole that threatens to suck in the whole world. Jumba jookibas beloved experiment 626, who is now living happily as lilos alien buddy stitch. He is designed to alter the intelligence of entire populations by increasing their silliness by 99%, leaving them only 1% clever for the next 48 hours.

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